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Bianca was rescued from the streets as a kitten with her brother during the winter of 2018. Prior to

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Bianca was rescued from the streets as a kitten with her brother during the winter of 2018. Prior to her adoption, she was very ill and required multiple hospital admissions and numerous rounds of antibiotic treatment which lead to a permanent head tilt. Our Family feels that Bianca's head tilt only adds to her charm! When we adopted her on February 9, she was medically cleared and diagnosed with chronic allergies.. If only that was the case! I noticed this poor sweet girl was having a lot of trouble breathing, and was suffering from constant bloody noses. Off to my vet we went! My personal Vet found that she had a mass in her right ear, which ended up growing larger and bursting her eardrum. Her first surgery was to tackle the mass by going through the outer ear. Unfortunately the mass was too deep so only pieces were taken out. My vet referred her to Angell hospital in Jamaica Plain because not only was the mass still there, but the xrays and labs that were done to try to figure out what was wrong with Bianca’s nasal passages, did not lead to any kind of answer as to how to help her.

Bianca had a consult and CT scans and more labs at Angell. It was determined that the only way to get the mass would be to go up through her jawline. She was also diagnosed with acute rhinisitis and is being further treated with long term antibiotics.

Throughout all of this, from the day we got Bianca, she has been the sweetest, most grateful, cuddly kitten you could ever imagine. Not only am I and my two daughters completely in love with her, she makes friends with every vet, every vet tech, and every member of her medical team. She is loved by everyone that meets her. 

Since her latest surgery 2 weeks ago, along with the new set of antibiotics that Angell has put her on, Bianca finally seems to be turning a corner and feeling like a normal, playful kitten. I cant tell you how much of a pleasure it is to be able to see her so happy and high functioning. She has a very special personality and deserves to live a happy cat life. Her road is not over; she still needs to go back to Angell to follow up with another specialist to help clear up her rhinisitis once and for all.

As you can imagine, the vet bills have piled up and have caused some struggle for myself and my two daughters. I had discussed with them the financial responsibility of having an ill cat (they are 13 and 15), and they both understood and there was no question that we were all willing to make some sacrifices for the well being of our beloved Bianca. She is a pleasure to have in our home and we love her too much to see her suffer any more than she has to. That being said, I am reaching out for some extra help financially and if anyone has some extra to donate to our little Bianca’s medical care, I would be forever grateful. 

Thank you,

Bianca's Forever Family

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Current Drop Off Locations:

1. Swansea Public Library located at 69 Main St in Swansea.

2. Town of Berkley Town Hall (Near the Clerk’s Office) located at 1 N. Main St in Berkley.

3. iDesign Apparel located at 1065 County St in Somerset.

We are Forever grateful to all the loving warm-hearted people that have helped us. Unfortunately, without food, monetary donations and a whole lot of love none of this wonderful work is possible. Project Spay, Inc is a non profit 501 (c) (3) Organization, so your donation is tax deductible. 

On behalf of Project Spay and our Furry........THANK YOU